Monthly Monologues: ~Summer~ edition

A fresh college grad?? A new job?? A new CITY?? 

*tape scratch* *freeze frame* 

So you may be wondering how I got to this point. When I say life has been crazy, that is definitely the farthest thing from an understatement. The main takeaway, though, is that I can say with confidence that I’m slowly making my way down the path of being content and secure with myself in all aspects of my life!! “Life is what you make it” as the cool kids say and I couldn’t agree more! Not to say that wasn’t without any road bumps, but things are slowly turning out for the better. Even though July’s almost over (can you believe 2019 is almost over?!), this particular monthly monologue will be primarily about the last 3 months since I’ve been going through a lot of life changes lately and my mental health is currently hanging by a thread (June was,,,a time haha). But now it’s a lot easier to sit back and look at all the crazy things that have happened in this rollercoaster of a summer. So go grab some coffee and/or ice cream, because this is about to be a Monthly Essay.


As of May, I am an official college graduate with a biomedical engineering degree!!

So now your girl is one degree hotter *ba dum tss*. Even though it’s technically been three months since graduation, it still feels like yesterday and I keep forgetting that I am no longer a college student *cries*. I really think I have grown and changed a lot since I was a baby freshman back in August of 2015, but I think I’ve just gotten closer to evolving into the person that I hope to become (but still have my awkward potato tendencies nonetheless). Butterflies and rainbows aside, college really put me through the mental wringer, but I think I turned out pretty okay haha. It was really bittersweet realizing that I wouldn’t see my friends and the familiar faces I’ve met along the way through late night study sessions and stressful group projects *shakes fist*, but it makes it easier knowing it’s officially “GET THAT BREAD” season and we’re all just one step closer to manifesting our dreams into reality. I’m just v proud of us haha. 

After graduation came the biggest change of my life that I had been anticipating for several years now but it didn’t make it any easier. June was a very stress and anxiety-fuelled month for me because I had to uproot myself permanently from my childhood home and city.

Processed with VSCO with c3 preset
Roadtrip of the summer with Danaerys!

Those roots ran very deep for me and leaving the city wasn’t very hard since I knew that there were better places I’d be heading, but saying goodbye to the people that literally raised me since birth and became my family by bond? I’ll spare you the details but I was a blubbering mess. Sure, there’s facetime and future visits, but it’s not the same. Also, the endless amount of times that people said “oh my goodness, it must be the hardest for you since you’re literally leaving your childhood home!! How are you feeling???” *stares at camera* how do you THINK I’m doing, rhONda. Once the house was packed up, my mom, my best friend, and I drove up to my new life in Maine! ‘Twas a fun yet emo time, since my best friend had to fly back, but I’m definitely peer pressuring her to come back haha.

Now for the icing on top of this metaphorical rollercoaster-icecream of a summer: I got a job at my dream workplace!! Ever since I visited the campus last summer, I’d been telling myself that one day I would work here no matter what, and my dream came true! I just officially started this past Monday and I’m just out here living my best nerd life. Nothing too exciting just yet as I am still training, but I can’t wait until the ball starts rolling!a71699e3-bdcd-4634-b200-e89c71527279.jpg

Monthly Mania

*ahem* So if you don’t follow me on twitter, I fell down the BTS hole back in April and haven’t looked back since. Never in a million years did I expect to ever actively listen to Kpop and if you’d told me at the beginning of the year that I would have fallen in love with 7 boys then I would’ve called you crazy haha.

My bias: Jungkook🥰💜

For anyone who knows me, I always have music going no matter what I’m doing and for me to like the song I have to like the beat. And for me to really like the song I have to connect with the lyrics. With BTS, there hasn’t been a song I have heard yet that didn’t deliver for me in both of those aspects and that’s really why I haven’t been able to stop listening to them, especially since the members themselves help with writing the lyrics. Of course, 99% of the lyrics are in Korean but once you hit the translate button, they know just how to hit you in the feels every time (I’m looking at you, Spring Day). Knowing my low impulse control I will probably make a BTS-themed blog post eventually, but I’ll minimize the details just to say that this group of boys and their message means so much to me and I’m so happy to have them in my life now💜 Since I’ve listened to them for ~3.5 months now, I have started listening to other groups as well like Seventeen, Red Velvet, Pentagon, Blackpink, and NCT! But BTS will forever own my heart.



For some of my recent faves and hype songs, I’ve shared my playlist that I listen to while on the way to work (and yes there are some kpop songs of course hehe)! 

I hope you enjoyed and thank you for reading💜


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