Monthly Monologues: September

Hello, and welcome to another episode of: “Sammira Not Getting Her Blog Post Ready In Time”!!! Honestly, September was pretty lackluster overall but I’m chalking it up to the fact that there’s usually a slow bit before a big event! In this case, OCTOBER IS RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER!! *throws jack-o-lanterns and candy corn everywhere* October is one of my favorite months of the entire year and that’s because, despite the boiling hot temperatures of the South stating otherwise, it’s fall season!! I’m hoping the weather cools down soon so I can bask in the glory that is hot chocolates, cozy sweaters, and all of the crunchy leaves on the ground. I’m all around just getting really good vibes for October but before we get too carried away, let’s appreciate sluggish September.


Well. It’s winding down to the midpoint of the semester where midterms are waiting to drown you in multiple tests and assignments in a span of two weeks because your teachers just love you /that/ much. To add more stress onto that, I’ve been slowly but surely finishing up my preparations for my conference that’s coming up in a few weeks! It’ll be two years this fall since the last time I went so I’m really looking forward to going back again. The only thing getting me through at this point is that fall break and my conference will be back to back so I’ll at least have a few days of downtime but I can’t get too relaxed because I have a midterm following fall break and another midterm following my conference. yAaAaAaAay.

Monthly Mania

I have been peer pressured to jump back into “Game of Thrones”. I haven’t watched since January and I’d only finished the first season so I didn’t remember much. But thankfully I have friends that enjoy the onslaught of questions I have following my viewing sprees. That’s probably the major reason why I’m still watching at the moment and it finally got me to the point that my interest had been peaked and there was no turning back (despite being spoiled, JON + YGRITTE 5EVER WOOOO).
I was only able to read/finish one book this month (damn u school) and that was Thunderhead by Neal Shusterman. This got a solid 4/5 stars for me because it still had the same intrigue as the first book which I still love and I really enjoyed how the book delved deeper into the plot since the first book served as our intro the the Scythedom. However, the reason why I didn’t give it its 5th star is because there were a lot of ups and downs in the book for me. I know I couldn’t read it as fast as I wanted to because of my school work and meetings, but there were just a lot of dull moments for me. In the areas where it did pick up, I couldn’t put the book down because everything was happening so fast and I couldn’t keep up!! But when the dull moments hit, it was a snooze fest for me. Rowan still owns my heart, don’t get it twisted, but I see you Greyson Tolliver. I see you. Also hello for the continuation of female badassery!! Citra and Scythe Curie give me life and I feel like every book needs a dynamic duo like them. Shusterman did NOT hold back with those twists though!!! I still haven’t fully processed the ending and also that major turn of events in the middle of the book, which I won’t spoil, but if you’ve read it you’ll know what I mean. I NEED THE THIRD BOOK NOW OKAY A 2019 RELEASE DATE IS NOT A RELEASE DATE.


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