Top Reads of 2016

Hello everyone!!! I’ve read so many fantastic books in 2016 and I can’t wait to share them with you all!  Also, these books are in order of how I read them in 2016 🙂

'Me_Before_You'.jpgME BEFORE YOU

This was one of the books that I read this past year that I never would have thought I’d even think twice to read. But I am so glad that I did. It was a very empowering and mind opening story featuring a MC with a disability, which is not too common in books nowadays, and very relatable characters with very real struggles and attributes. It showcases the perfect balance of reality, drama, and the right amount of romance which succeeds in not overwhelming the reader with too much “heavy” content.



This was my very first introduction to fluff, which quickly turned into my new book addiction. It was my first and one of my favorite contemporaries that I’ve read this year as well! AATFK is the perfect book for a coming of age and light and fun contemporary read featuring very relatable characters (Anna and I are one) and the definition of the perfect (book) boyfriend *swoons*




This was definitely one of my all-time favorite books. I may be biased, but I loved it so much because being half middle-eastern, I was finally able to relate to not just a MC, but also to a book world. If you’re searching for a book featuring diversity, look no further! This retelling of A Thousand Nights features a unique plot and characters, MAJOR character development, and who doesn’t have a weak spot for a heartthrob prince who’s been terribly misunderstood and mistreated???



Ok if you’ve been following me on my blog and/or my insta, you would know by now that this was the book that officially made me a die-hard Sarah J. Maas fanatic. A++ world building, character development, handling of irl problems and issues, strong female characters, etc. In short terms: it’s basically a literary masterpiece. This is one of the books that I will recommend to people until the day I die.



Queen-of-shadows.jpgQUEEN OF SHADOWS

The Throne of Glass series has quickly become my most cherished and treasured series I have ever read (I consider the HP series my most cherished series of my childhood). This has to be the most action-packed book I have ever read and will always have a special place in my heart. Basically everything I said that was A++ about ACOMAF is A++++++ in this series. I just can’t fully express in words my love for this series and this author.



24445517.jpgMAYBE SOMEDAY

I was just introduced to Colleen Hoover’s books this year and I have been thoroughly impressed as to how addictive and impressive her books are. In my opinion, I feel that her books are great contemporaries and do a very good job in addressing real world issues and in this case, disabilities. I love how she didn’t downplay her MC’s disability and turn it into a weakness or source of pity. Instead, she turned it into a source of strength and power, which really moved and greatly impacted me. It’s really an eye-opener and forces you to change your outlook on people with disabilities. I’ll always love this book ❤


9781476753188_hr.jpgUGLY LOVE

This has to be one of the most intriguing books I’ve read in 2016 and it just left me wanting more and more. Both MC’s are so interesting and different that you find yourself continuing to ask questions and having an increasing need for answers. I’ve found that it’s best to read CoHo’s books without knowing anything, so I’ll leave it at that 😉




Image result for six of crows duologySIX OF CROWS DUOLOGY

I went into these books with high expectations and was thoroughly surprised to find that they even exceeded my expectations. This duology has everything that makes for a fantastic read: diversity, A+ world building, story line genius and unpredictability, unique characters, etc.



Image result for lady midnightLADY MIDNIGHT

I’ve been a fan of Cassandra Clare for a longggg time and this is by far her best and strongest work she has ever put out. Even though it was my longest read of 2016, it never had a dull moment. I basically went through all of my emotions throughout the entirety of this book. I am excited and terrified to see where this series goes next!



What were your top reads of 2016?

-xo, Sammira



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