Empire of Storms Tour 2016 – Jackson, MS

**PSA I’ve been meaning to put this up for over a month now, but got caught up with school🙃**

I GOT TO MEET QUEEN MAAS LAST MONTH AHHHH!!! I found out that Sarah J. Maas was going to have an EoS Tour event in Jackson, MS and just couldn’t miss out on the opportunity! I’m still in shock that I got to meet her, but it was by far one of the best experiences of my life and I’m so glad I went!

So Jackson’s about 2 hours away from where I live, so my friend, Hannah, and I left early and got there at around 4:00 (the venue didn’t officially open until 4:30). We sat in the driveway for a good 30 minutes then bolted for the door with three minutes to spare😂 We were the very first in line and were placed in the first group to meet Sarah!! *screams* That also meant first dibs on where to sit, so we got to be up close and personal in the first row 🙌🏻🙌🏻 Of course, with it being the Cauldron of the South, we slow-broiled for another 2 hours until the actual event started, which basically consisted of Hannah catching up on The Assassin’s Blade while I caressed EoS (as one does), and using my ACOMAF canvas that I made a while back as a makeshift fan. But it was so worth it and so nice to be able to talk to fellow SJM-lovers in real life!

Once the Queen arrived, everyone screamed. Even the guys (yes, there were guys there. power to y’all). I mean, who wouldn’t?? Everyone had nervous giggles, including me (I was smiling so much I might as well have been in a toothpaste commercial) as a result of trying to suppress our real-life fangirling, which ended in a failure😂.

Here are the major points she talked about *BEWARE OF SPOILERS FOR TOG AND ACOTAR BOOKS*:

  • To describe EoS in three words, she chose: bloody, steamy, and emotionally-devastating (I almost asked how bad it would be compared to TAB, but good thing I didn’t because after reading EoS, there is no comparing)
  • Her favorite scenes to write from the previous books were: when Lysandra shape-shifts for the first time (QoS), battle in Skull’s Bay (EoS), Aelin’s breakdown by the lake (HoF), Aelin’s flashbacks (HoF)
  • She HIGHLY suggests reading The Assassin’s Blade before continuing on with the rest of the series because she planned for many events and characters to be brought back in a big way throughout the series, especially in EoS
  • She got the idea to write Throne of Glass at 16 years old and pursued it the following year after a family trip to Jamaica
  • Fleetfoot is guaranteed to survive the series
  • She was inspired by Buffy and Sailor Moon to write about her strong female characters and the lack thereof when she was growing up
  • There will be three more ACOTAR books (novel/prequels/novellas/spin-offs)
  • The three main books (ACOTAR, ACOMAF) will wrap up the plot and Feyre’s point of view in the third book
  • She hasn’t started writing the last ToG book yet because she doesn’t want to say goodbye to the characters
  • She knows what the last line of the series will be
  • There is going to be a Throne of Glass TV show that will be on Hulu because she loves binge watching shows on Hulu/Netflix and wanted the fans to have something to binge watch
  • She doesn’t know how involved she will be with the show, but the most important thing for her is the actors capturing the essence of the characters rather than just their looks

So after the Q&A session, the audience was separated into groups when going to the meet and greet! With us being the first ones to enter, we were in Group A *woop woop*! Getting to meet Sarah was one of the most memorable and exciting experiences of my life. Even though I just started reading her books this year, she has instantly turned into one of my heroes, so getting to meet her was amazing. While waiting in line, we had to have the book we wanted personalized out and ready and the workers wrote our name on a sticky not which they stuck on the inside cover so Sarah could personalize it quickly and efficiently. So when it was my turn and I gave her my books, she opened the cover and said my name perfectly. P E R F E C T LY. That by itself made my day. Hardly anyone gets it right the first time around so I was very pleasantly surprised! After I finished situating all of my stuff, I looked over to see her open my ACOMAF copy and she looked up at me (I kid you not) with the 😏 face, stroked my tabs up and down and said: “Your tabs. I love your tabs. There’s SO MANY!!” and I said: “Gurl, you know those are gonna double when I reread it!” Her reaction literally made her love her even more. IMG_6181.JPG








While she was signing it, I told her about my henna tattoo that I drew myself of Feyre’s bargain tattoo (which she approved of hehe) and told her that I needed an outlet to show my love for ACOMAF after reading it and made that canvas (pictured below) and decided to give it to her as a small way of saying thank you for making some of my all-time favorite books. She LOVED IT!!!! AHHHH!!! Right after I gave it to her, she came over and said “I just need to give you a hug!” and I instantly died from happiness.









After meeting her and getting my books signed/stamped, I went over and signed her first edition of Throne of Glass. She told us during the Q&A that every time she goes on tour, she always brings it with her for her fans to sign, which I think is the coolest thing EVER. IMG_6234.JPG










And yay for meeting new friends/booksta peeps! The entire drive home I kept staring at my books and stroking them like the obsessed book nerd I am😂 I even put them by my bed once I got home😂 But overall, it was such an awesome experience and I can’t wait for more in the future!


Talk to you guys soon!

xoxo, Sammira

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