Throne of Glass Playlist

IMG_6429.JPGAre you still suffering from the feels after reading Empire of Storms?? Or just the Throne of Glass series in general?? Well, I’ve got ya covered! I made this right after reading Queen of Shadows and I was in serious need of my ToG babies, so I figured that I would try my hand at making a playlist for one of my all-time favorite series (you can see some reasons why here 😏)! You can find my actual playlist down below and I’ll write down the scenes/characters behind each song! And I also put it in chronological order of the events in the book, not by publication date (so The Assassin’s Blade, Throne of Glass, etc). ***Beware for potential spoilers for the ToG series*** I hope you guys enjoy!

  1. CASTLE – Halsey (Celaena going to the Glass castle/Throne of Glass theme song)
  2. WREAK HAVOC – Skylar Grey (Celaena as Adarlan’s Assassin)
  3. ALL OF ME – John Legend (Samlaena)
  4. GHOST – Ella Henderson (Nehemia and the Wyrdkeys)
  5. BOTTOM OF THE RIVER – Delta Rae (Nehemia vibes)
  6. GHOST – Halsey (Chaolaena)
  7. SET FIRE TO THE RAIN – Adele (Celaena leaving Chaol on the ship/end of CoM)
  8. UNSTEADY – X Ambassadors (QoS graveyard scene)
  9. LET IT GO – James Bay (Sam closure at his grave)
  10. FIX YOU – Coldplay (Rowan to Aelin after visiting Sam)
  11. I’M A MESS – Ed Sheeran (Rowaelin/end of HoF)
  12. GET HOME – Bastille (end of HoF)
  14. HOW FAR WE’VE COME – Matchbox Twenty (Squadre development)
  15. YOU DON’T OWN ME – Grace, G-Eazy (Aelin to Arobynn and King of Adarlan in QoS)
  16. FIGHTER – Christina Aguilera (Aelin to Arobynn)
  17. MY SONGS KNOW – Fall Out Boy (Aelin and Lysandra to Arobynn)
  18. SUCKER FOR PAIN – Wiz Khalifa, Lil Wayne (Adarlan’s Assassin/Aelin wanting to kill Arobynn)
  19. CONTROL – Halsey (Dorian/Kaltain with the Valg)
  20. HOLD ME DOWN – Halsey (Dorian vs the Valg Prince)
  21. I SEE FIRE – Ed Sheeran (Manon)
  22. EVERYBODY WANTS TO RULE THE WORLD – Lorde (Aelin vs Villains)
  23. GLORY AND GORE – Lorde (Squadre going to the Glass castle in QoS)
  24. JUST LIKE FIRE – P!nk (Aelin with her powers)
  25. WARRIORS – Imagine Dragons (end of QoS)

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