Sarah J. Maas Appreciation Post and Why You Should Read Her Books

IMG_5985As you all know, Sarah J. Maas has turned into one of my FAVORITE new authors as of this year (followed by Colleen Hoover hehe). I read A Court of Thorns and Roses and A Court of Mist and Fury this summer and fell in love with her writing. This of course led to my 2 week(ish) long marathon of the Throne of Glass series prior to school starting and the release of the next ToG installment: Empire of Storms. It was a very SJM filled summer for me and I loved every bit of it. I’ve been meaning to write my reviews for the Throne of Glass series here on the blog, but alas, my emotions over this series is still completely out of whack and I have been struggling with trying to express my thoughts and emotions concerning this series since finishing Queen of Shadows 2 weeks ago😂 (so this post will also serve as a ToG master post/review). ANYWHO. I get to meet SJM tomorrow for her Empire of Storms Tour and finally get my copy *screams*!!! I am also planning on bringing my copies of ACOTAR and ACOMAF with me (since my QoS copy is already signed) because she will be signing 3 books of your choice (including the EoS copy they will give me) and personalize one of them. I am just SO FREAKING EXCITED AHHH!! tumblr_o14g8wFyTL1t0fo61o1_250.gifSo in honor of the awesomeness that will occur later this week, I figured that now more than ever would be the best time to share my love and appreciation for Sarah and her books and why YOU my lovely reader should join in on the epicness if you haven’t already❤️

 So first of, one of the many reasons why I love and appreciate her books and her writing so so much is that she makes it so realistic. Like I’ve said before, she doesn’t sugar coat any element in her book, she just tells it how it is.  There are some books out there that only scratch the surface on real life issues, but not to the extent that SJM does. Many of those issues including PTSD (anxiety, eating disorders, depression, etc.), domestic abuse, male rape (which is very rare, but that doesn’t mean that it is unlikely to happen), sexual abuse, and sexism/gender-equality just to name the major ones. She not only includes these issues in her books, but she also entwines it within the plot to make it an integral part of the story as well as with the character’s development throughout the book(s). It’s just the perfect balance of fantasy and realistic elements showcasing the best and worst of both worlds, avoiding the unrealistically perfect worlds of most fantasy novels. Personally, I’m really glad that I got to her books at the time that I did, because at 19 I’m at a vital stage in my development as an adult where these issues are very common in the world we live in nowadays and reading/learning about these issues really opened my eyes as to what can happen to people around my age. SJM not only addresses the dark sides of these sensitive topics, but also the bright sides by showing how the victim grows and heals from their experience. That for me was a very healing and rewarding feeling that I experienced while reading both her ACOTAR and ToG series.

Building off of the last point, another aspect of her books that I really appreciated was the fact that she doesn’t idealize love in her series. As one of my very dear friends said, “It ain’t like a one time deal where you live happily ever after noooo. You get your heart broken, you heal, you focus on yourself, you try again (such great words of wisdom, Cole😉).” There’s the type of love where you fall hard for someone that you grew up alongside, but then life gets in the way; the love where you really want to fall for that person, but the connection isn’t there; the love where you both worked so well together, but over time you both change and realize that you weren’t right for each other; the type of love that felt perfect at first, but then your eyes are opened to how far from perfect it actually was the entire time and that staying in a toxic relationship can only do harm; and finally, there’s the love where the person accepts you as you are, flaws and all, and is willing to be there for you no matter what. SJM makes her characters experience all of the different sides of love and that sometimes, you just need to take a break and just focus on loving yourself before loving someone else. This in itself was one of the greatest lessons I learned from her books and really took to heart, especially for many girls out there who haven’t really experienced love firsthand. Her books are basically the reason as to why I’ve come to appreciate character development a lot more than I did previously. They really made me delve deeper into the story and what the characters are going through than what’s just written on the page. It also makes them so much more relatable for readers going through many of the same issues as the characters did and take away something from their experiences.

Gender-equality and sexism is another issue today that SJM addresses that is not very common in YA books. It serves as a wake-up call to both women and men everywhere that this issue is real and the many ways as to how it affects people from both ends of the gender spectrum. It really drives home the importance of breaking gender stereotypes and positively influencing the up and coming generation that is about to enter the real world.


Look up the pronunciations for words/names in both the ACOTAR and TOG series on her website! Don’t make the same mistake that many others did and read the entire series while butchering a certain word/person’s name (prime example-my precious Captain of  the Guard cinnamon roll Chaol: is it Cole? Kale? Chaolasdhkjsdf? 😂)


READ. THE. ASSASSIN’S. BLADE. NOVELLAS. FIRST.- That is the first and most important advice I can give anyone about to start the Throne of Glass series. Never have I ever E V E R in the history of all the books I have read in my 19 years on this Earth experienced as gut-wrenching and heart-obliterating (not breaking, obliterating) an ending as this one.
I ugly cried. b06mlipLike, Tobey Maguire style. I kid you not. I have the texts to prove it😂 BUT IT WAS A NECESSARY HEARTBREAK (even though my heart believes otherwise). You get to experience Celaena as the bad🍑 Adarlan’s Assassin that she was prior to the rest of the ToG series and meet so many people and live through many monumental moments in her life prior to the rest of the series that come back in the later books. Just trust me, you’ll thank me later. **Special thanks to my other mate, Maddi for practically yelling at me until I read/finished it before continuing on with the series😂 It truly made me appreciate the series even more, so THANK YOU MADDI ILY!**

  • DO NOT JUDGE THE SERIES ON THE FIRST BOOK!!- Sarah started writing Throne of Glass when she was a teenager, so the writing style was very amateurish at times. But don’t let that keep you from reading the rest of the series! On top of experiencing the growth of the characters, you also get to experience her growth as an author. As the books progressed, I could really tell a difference and it just made the series as a whole soooo much better!


  • PREPARE FOR A MORE MATURE SERIES- Her writing style in this series is more suited for an older audience and I HIGHLY recommend it for people 18+ because of very sensitive/mature topics and sex scenes (very, very steamy ones at that). I would be lying if I said that I wasn’t shocked when I first started reading A Court of Thorns and Roses😂 I had to take several breaks just to fan myself (especially in ACOMAF…ay dios mijo).
  • HAVE BOTH BOOKS ON HAND BEFORE STARTING THE SERIES- I had to endure the agony of waiting for ACOMAF to come in the mail after finishing ACOTAR because the hangover was so bad. But now here I am, having to deal with the second worst hangover until May 2017 when ACOTAR 3 comes out *cries*.
  • TRY YOUR BEST TO TAKE YOUR TIME WITH THIS SERIES- But let’s be real. That’s practically impossible😂

Well I hope you all enjoyed this MAAS-SIVE (hehe) post dedicated to the one and only Sarah J. Maas! And if you haven’t picked up any of her books yet, then what are you waiting for??? I’m hoping this gave you the final push to start them!!

-xo, Sammira

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