Captain America: Civil War – A Roller Coaster of Marvel Feels

Hey guys! Summer is finally upon us (at least it is for me)! I finally finished my first year of college! Woop Woop! Now onto more hours in the day to sleep and read and have a life again! Haha well kinda. My family and I are going overseas to visit my dad’s side of the family for a little more than 2 weeks which will be fun but then I have to take a summer class in June… Hello 8 ams for another entire month😭 But if I got through the craziness and stress from school over the last 3 weeks, I should be good!

Ok. Before we get started with this post, we need to establish something about me: I’m a huge Marvel fangirl. I mean huge. If Marvel anything is mentioned anywhere, I go full on fangirl mode😂 So I watched Captain America: Civil War this past weekend…twice (the night before and on Mother’s Day)..and let me just say…tumblr_nn3advdA7x1sm080go1_250.gif

It was beautiful.  Easily one of the BEST Marvel movies ever made.  It had such a great storyline that kept the audience sucked in the entire 2 1/2 hour run time.  The uniqueness of the story brought so many new and different things going on that there was never a dull moment.  So many laughs, cringes, gasps, and tears happened but it was SO good and very well executed.  Thank you to the Russo brothers for making another one of my all-time favorite movies, along with Captain America: The Winter Soldier  and The Avengers. And #teamironman all the way!

🚫🚫S P O I L E R S🚫🚫

Let’s start with Black Panther, shall we?? giphy.gifOMG! He was AMAZINGGG! He was such a unique and dynamic character who added so much more depth to the already intense movie.  Him being Wakandan royalty is already pretty cool, but the fact that his suit is made of vibranium??? That just seals the deal. Vibranium is the same substance that made Cap’s shield, which allows T’Challa’s suit to absorb energy, the attack of another person, and repel/respond to an attack.  It also gives him flexibility while maintaining its strength. Same thing with his claws! It can scratch anything, even Cap’s shield. Ugh it was awesome.  Can I have a suit like that please??

The girls kicked major butt in this movie. Talk about girl power! I was literally yelling at them the whole time like “ZAYUM BAE THAT’S RIGHT YOU GET THEM!”😂 Yes, I’m that annoying nerd in the movie theater. scarlet-witch.gif  BLACKW1.gif fw3fkb6gdn4bov8uy5dw.gif

Scarlet Witch seriously could’ve beaten them all without breaking a sweat😂 I was very pleased with the girls getting a lot of fight scenes and some say in the action.

I knew Martin Freeman was going to be in this movie and that he was going to have an American accent, but it still caught me off guard when I heard him.  I didn’t even realize that it was him when he first started talking.  I kept expecting him to break into his wonderful British accent, but nope! He had a pretty decent American accent and it actually sounded pretty good on him and not as awkward like his Sherlock counterpart Benedict Cumberbatch (at least in my opinion, but I love them both!).

So when Spider-Man was first announced as being a part of Civil War, I wasn’t as enthusiastic about it as others had been. Yeah, it was pretty cool that he was going to be in it, but I’m not a huge fan of him. And I was pretty skeptical as to how he was going to fit into the plot line along with all of the other superheroes. But after watching it, I was pleasantly surprised as to how well he fit in.  He brought a fresh new outlook and attitude to the movie (especially since it was pretty stressful and intense 99% of the time).  “You have a metal arm??? That’s so cool!” He definitely had some of the best one-liners of the movie😂giphy.gif

Well done Russo bros, well done.

57acd6d170665e0b36bd50f94bc919c1518fd786_hq-gif.gif       25-civil-war-1.nocrop.w529.h356.gif

This whole entire scene ruined me. It broke my heart into a million pieces and crushed every single one of them. When they kept arguing in the glass room in an earlier scene and Tony kept trying to nicely convince Steve to consider all of the options, I was just like “gosh dang it Steve, just listen!!”.  At the end of the movie, it was already bad as it is that Bucky killed Tony’s parents, but the fact that Cap wouldn’t let Tony grieve and let out his pain irritated me SO MUCH. And that moment when Cap slammed his shield into Tony’s arc reactor😭😭😭I was cringing and half covering my eyes the whole time. I seriously felt so sad and betrayed. Cap writing Tony that letter at the end of the movie made it better, but it was still so sad.

There’s also a really interesting article that talks about the movie here.

Whale, that’s me letting my fangirliness out for this movie😂 Hope you guys enjoyed reading my thoughts on the movie! And if you’re a fellow Marvel fan, let me know in the comments below along with your thoughts/opinions on the movie! I’d love to read them. Talk to you guys soon!





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